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GEMS UIS Shine in Abu Dhabi Sports Championship

A wave of pride and excitement enveloped the Abu Dhabi Cricket Club grounds as the GEMS UIS’ Girls team demonstrated sheer brilliance on the football field, clinching the coveted cup!

In the prestigious Abu Dhabi Sports Championship 2024, organized by ADEK, the GEMS UIS’ incredible girls football team conquered the semi-finals with a remarkable 3-0 against Al Qeyam School Abu Dhabi in the Football U-15 category, securing their spot in the finals.  Our talented girls then faced AL Yahar Private School in the final match, emerging victorious with a striking final score of 3-2, securing the gold medal and the coveted trophy.

Our girls showcased exceptional skill, teamwork, and determination throughout the tournament, proving that the spirit of champions resides within the corridors of GEMS UIS. This victory is a testament to the excellent infrastructure and rigorous training programs that our school offers, empowering students to excel in sports.

The presence of our Vice Principal Mr. Shaikh Murad Sarfraz and supervisors Mr. Kunjumoan K.J, Ms. Neema Narayanan, and a cheering squad of parents at the venue added an extra layer of encouragement. Their support and belief in the potential of our athletes have undoubtedly contributed to this remarkable achievement.

A special mention to our dedicated coach Ms. Larissa Dmello for her relentless efforts, guidance, and strategic brilliance. Your leadership has shaped our athletes into true champions. Kudos to the Head of the Sports Department Ms. Sonam Singh for fostering an environment where sports excellence can thrive at GEMS UIS.

The HPL Focus of Collaboration, Practice and Resilience were a guiding light during the entire tournament.

Heartfelt Congratulations to the entire team for their outstanding performance!

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