What makes our school unique?

Why Choose UIS

Our Own Heritage Of Excellence

Educational heritage in a modern campus

GEMS United Indian School began as the well known Our Own English School, which opened in September, 1990. Following a restructure and the building of a new, state-of-the-art campus, we began enrolments in November 2015, for our school, re-named as GEMS United Indian School. The school has been consistently delivering outstanding results with CBSE exams.

Inquiry-Based Learning

Inclusive student-centred learning program

Activity and inquiry based learning programs meeting the needs of all students and challenging students to exceed curriculum expectations. ADEK inspection rating of Very Good for support for POD students. Students personal, social development is outstanding. Enquiry based, problem based learning assessed on achievement rubric capturing proficiency level of knowledge, problem solving skills and critical thinking skills demonstrated through performance tasks. Character building forms the basis of all learning.

Student Leadership

Opportunities for students to develop leadership skills

Our student leadership consists of student council, student prefect body, senior junior prefects, anti-bullying squad, and club coordinators (reading club, eco club, inclusion champ, STEAM champions, teacher internship club etc).

Future-ready curriculum

Preparing students to lead the brave new world

The GEMS and Singularity University's Global Futures Curriculum (Senior & Junior) provides students with opportunities to present their innovative ideas on a global platform. Robotics, 3D Printing, STEAM Club etc. Empowering students through Moral Education Program and GEMS Core Values.

Protection, care and support of students

Fostering a culture of outstanding health & safety

Robust health and safety policies and procedures understood and practised by all stakeholders. ADEK report and ISO certification.

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