High Performance Learning

GEMS United Indian School, Abu Dhabi is the first Indian curriculum school in the world pioneering High Performance Learning (HPL). Introducing HPL to GEMS UIS has allowed for development of students’ confidence and intellect and has simultaneously empowered them to become more effective and life-long learners.

Our students and parents at GEMS UIS clearly see the benefits of HPL and how it has encouraged learners to be more aware of their thinking skills. With HPL building Advanced Cognitive Performance Characteristics via ACPs and Values, Attitudes and Attributes via VAAs, students of UIS enjoy success in their learning challenges and link their understanding to the world around them.




You might wonder - What does an HPL parent do differently?

Here are 5 things parents can do to support their child to become high performing learners:

An HPL parent is one who;

  • takes an informed interest in building the learning skills of his/her children.
  • builds lasting positive behaviours, attitudes and values that will lend steady support to their children in all walks of life (be it the classroom, interpersonal relations or future workspace).
  • encourages ‘effort-failure-effort-success’ cycle of learning while appreciating effort rather than success.
  • HPL parents never say, “you can’t”, they say…. “Not just yet!”
  • HPL parents set high expectations so their children can aspire to be the best they can.

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