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In addition to encouraging a strong academic appreciation, GEMS United Indian School also encourages students to maintain a healthy lifestyle and stay active, both mentally and physically.

Our campus sporting facilities have been designed to meet the needs of our students, offering various sporting facilities.

Library ICT
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 The School provides a library facility; one for kindergarten and primary and one for the secondary level exclusively. The school library contains an extensive range of books, grouped according to age and ability, to which all children have access.  UIS is furnished with five computer (ICT) suites with a standard policy of one laptop per child. Every classroom is connected to our extensive computer wireless networking, which enables students to access ICT in any area of the school.
Science Facilities School Clinic
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The School facilitates well-equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology to deliver interactive and experimental learning for students. Hands-on laboratory experiences develop problem-solving and critical-thinking skills, as well as gain exposure to reactions, materials, and equipment in a lab setting.  The Gender-Specific Health Clinic at school is equipped with a fully trained nurse to deal with all minor and initial emergency concerns that arise at the school. We comply with all local Health Authorities' requirements and work to evidence-based health care practices. 
Multi-Purpose Hall Art
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Sports Complex Fully air-conditioned and soundproof Sports Complex with rubberize floorings for indoor games that emphasizes an all-round development of hands-on motor skill coordination, game skills for games such as football, cricket, basketball volleyball, and athletics. Art Education constitutes an important area of curricular activity for development of wholesome personality of the students. Students will select one or more forms of creative arts (Dance/ Music /Art).
Football Field Basketball Court
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The school has a standard-sized football pitch, which is Astro turfed. Safety is of paramount importance when it comes to sports areas and that is the main reason why our sports grounds are Astro turfed.  The school has four Basketball courts. A well-equipped, professional basketball court with appropriate markings and three-point arcs to facilitate the all-around development of our students. It will help students to develop their physical strength, sportsmanship, and teamwork

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