For an aspiring writer of GEMS UIS, writing started as a hobby and now, it’s just a wonder”

All glory comes from daring to begin GEMS UIS’ new budding author, Aditi Arun Narayanan from class 7G3, published her first novella – ‘Wish Upon a Firefly’ recently. She has been an avid reader and decided to publish her own book after she regularly started writing stories and poems. She said, “I wrote and wrote until I discovered my own style of writing”. ‘Wish Upon a Firefly’ is a novella about how a young girl, Fiona, leaves her home to travel to the place she’s always been wondering about, the city. Aditi had her book launch event in the Sharjah Book Festival (SIBF) in front of a large crowd. Aditi’s book was released by P.V Mohan Kumar, the External Affairs Director of Sharjah Book Festival. She was even inspired by all the other fellow authors present at the book fair and is now motivated to keep on writing. Aditi hopes to write more stories and her goal is to prove that words ARE mightier than swords!

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