Celebrating Innovation at Science India Forum Innovation Fest 2023

GEMS UIS feels ecstatic to share the phenomenal success of our students at the Children’s Innovation Fest 2023 hosted by Science India Forum UAE. Our young innovators showcased their brilliance and creativity, making us immensely proud.

Third Eye Photography Winners: Congratulations to our talented shutterbug Keerthana Thayattil and Sushmita Das who captured moments through their lenses and claimed the top spot and third position respectively in the Third Eye Photography competition for seniors. Their ability to see the world through a unique perspective shines through in every snapshot.

Innovative Skit Champions: Applauding our budding actors and storytellers Ambarish and Team who impressed the audience with their innovative skit! Their creativity and storytelling prowess earned them the second position in the Science Innovative Skit Contest for juniors.

These competitions prompted participants to explore scientific principles, analyze real-world scenarios, and showcase knowledge in a competitive yet collaborative setting. Aligned with HPL principles, they emphasized fostering creativity as a crucial aspect of high-performance learning.

The closing ceremony, a momentous occasion, was held at Pearl Wisdom School in Dubai where the winners were honored and celebrated for their outstanding achievements.

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