Sunitha Pavithran Nambiar

Senior Supervisor (Girls)

Mrs. Sunitha Nambiar, an engineering graduate joined the GEMS group in the year 1995 as a secondary school maths teacher.

Her passion towards teaching and taking up challenges wrapped with her commitment, dedication, hard work and perseverance has made her successful in moving to the leadership role as a senior supervisor from 2005.

During her long tenure with GEMS, she has carried out various roles such as HOD, (Math-8 Years), CASE coordinator (since 2010), PLD Leader (Since 2013), Assessment lead (12 years).

Her strengths include curriculum development, improving standards of assessment, data analysis, tracking student’s progress, monitoring and evaluating lessons and analyzing teacher’s PD needs.

She strongly believes that “ Every Child is unique and can excel at their own pace and as educators, it is our endeavor to discover and nurture the genius in each learner”. As an educator, she believes that success and growth come to those who are ready to “EXPLORE CHANGE” and face challenges.

She strives to keep updated with the latest trends in teaching methodology and transmits the new learning to enrich and stimulate the teaching-learning strategies within the school environment.

Next Steps