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Nurturing Tomorrow's Leaders

GEMS United Indian School began as the well known Our Own English School, which opened in September, 1990. We carry on the GEMS Education passion for delivering internationally comparable quality Indian education.

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    Our Own Heritage of Excellence

    Educational heritage in a modern campus delivering outstanding results

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    Inquiry-Based Learning

    Inclusive student-centred learning program through inquiry-based and problem-based modules, meeting individual needs and developing competencies

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    Student Leadership

    Opportunities for students to develop leadership skills and take on responsibilities in a variety of contexts

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    Future-ready Curriculum

    Future-ready curriculum preparing students to lead the brave new world

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    Protection, care and support of students

    Fostering a culture of outstanding health & safety and safeguarding practises and student and staff wellbeing

From the Principal

Mr. K. George Mathew
GEMS United Indian School brings the best educational practices of today with the promise of tomorrow. We endeavour to instil 21st century skills in our students by emphasizing on our instructional plan that focuses on creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration that prepares students for the future. 


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Hear what our parents have to say

  • As a UIS student's parent, I am totally satisfied and amazed to see the effortless and unique teaching methods used by Teachers. I am so touched by the fun-filled teaching methods, which do not let our kids lose focus...

    Robin Francis

    Parent of Angela Rose Robin, Grade 4A

  • I am so proud of the way GEMS UIS has implemented Remote Learning and adapted students, teachers to distance learning. I appreciate the creative ways you do for developing learning activities...

    Sathish Kumar

    Parent of Ambarish Sathish Kumar, Grade 5E


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Watch a few of our momentous occasions here at GEMS United Indian School.

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