GEMS UIS’ Triumph at the Inaugural Business Youth Summit 2024

GEMS UIS is thrilled to share the outstanding achievements of our students at the first-ever Business Youth Summit (BYS) recently hosted by GEMS World Academy, Dubai. Our school was represented by a group of nine talented students from grades 10-12 who showcased their ingenuity and prowess in the field of business and entrepreneurship.

Throughout the event, participants presented inventive solutions and projects for prominent companies, gaining valuable insights into the corporate landscape. The summit provided a platform for students to refine crucial skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and leadership, while also benefiting from the expertise of seasoned professionals in entrepreneurship and commerce.

Among our commendable participants, Hari Ganesh Babu (Grade 11A) was recognized with the esteemed award for 'Best Representative: Sustainability,' reflecting his steadfast commitment to fostering a more sustainable future. Deepshika Karkerra (Grade 12) earned the distinguished 'Best Chair: Sustainability' award, a testament to her exemplary leadership abilities.

Additionally, Meghamaya Sarathi (Grade 11C), Adeline Cardozo (Grade 12B), Aaron Sarun Eapen (Grade 11B), and Niya Daniel (Grade 12E) collaborated on a pioneering proposal aimed at addressing food security concerns. Their innovative approach earned them the coveted 'ALESCA Workshop Winner: Technology & Leadership' award.

The Summit proved to be an enriching experience, shaping the minds of our students and cultivating them into principled innovators, leaders, and visionaries poised to positively impact the future.

Students were able to enhance High Performance Learning Skills (HPL) of Advanced Cognitive Performance Characteristics (ACPs) such as Linking, Analyzing and Creating. They were also able to work on their Values, Attitudes and Attributes (VAA’s) such as Agile and Hard Working.

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